Small Investment, Nice Return

How creating 200 illustrations on a weekly basis has made me a better illustrator

Simon Li
4 min readDec 4, 2022

I recently posted my 200th illustration on Instagram. As you may know, I started this project of creating 1 piece of illustration per week back in 2018. I first reflected on this journey in 2020 when I reached the 100 milestone. Now, after another 100 pieces, it’s about time for me to look back again and share with you how 4 years of consistent practice, especially in the last two years, has shaped my illustration style, and I hope that this will give you inspiration in whatever goals you want to achieve.

Cracking the Code of Vintage Vibe

A breakthrough I had during the last 100 illustrations is that I finally mastered the creation of vintage color palettes.

I’d always been fascinated by the nostalgic colors in vintage pictures. I like that vibe a lot, but it was hard for me to get a handle on the process of creating it. I’d tried in the past, but the results I got were not to my liking.

The use of vintage color palettes in my work

Thanks to the weekly practice. It has allowed me to try out different color combinations and styles. Through analysis and experimentation, I finally got to the results that I liked. I learned that the key to generating the vintage vibe is the use of…